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Jul 29, 2016

Welcome to Dine 'N Cast. Join the hefty hosts, Bobby Robinson, Brian Manning, Allen Manning, and DeLiRiOuS, as we choose one restaurant to eat at for the rest of our lives. But there's a twist: we can only choose Las Vegas restaurants, each meal must be under $7, and we choose the restaurants for our co-hosts.

Will our choices for each other be good... or evil? As a bonus, we also choose a restaurant for Steve Childs, the man who brought you this episode for $1.

Jul 21, 2016

Join us, dear listeners, for another episode of Walking the Sociopath, the podcast with Antisocial Personality Disorder. Join your hosts Allen Manning, Brian Manning, DeLiRiOuS, and special guest Melanie Elkins, as we discuss how to spot a sociopath in your life.

Is a friend or family member exhibiting unusual or uncomfortable behavior? Run! They must be a sociopath, or worse, a psychopath! Trust us, we've researched this extensively on WebMD and WikiHow.

This episode is brought to you by Tami Gargantiel for $2. We've spotted you, Tami. You're not fooling us.

Jul 14, 2016

Welcome, listener! You've caught the newest episode of Pokepod Go! Join your host, Bobby Robinson, and his Pokemon supporting cast of Brian Manning, Allen Manning, and DeLiRiOuS.


This week we ask ourselves, what is our spirit Pokemon? Did we end up with any rare spirit selves, like Seismitoad or Pignite? Maybe we're just hanging with the more common Squirtle, or Bulbasaur. Is Pikachu watching over one of us?


This episode is brought to you by Athena Cagle, for $1! Thanks for choosing us, Athena!

Jul 7, 2016

On this week's episode of Strange Bedfellows, Bobby Robinson and his sleepover buddies, Allen Manning, DeLiRiOuS (aka Beer Can Opening Sound), and Brian Manning play and discuss different frightening slumber party games.


Activities once thought only to be played by the bravest of souls, little girls and boys, will be tested for otherworldly authenticity. And fun. Bloody Mary, Light as a Feather Stiff as a Board, Ouija boards; no scary game is off limits for these scared skeptics. Join us all for a horrifyingly great time. Special thanks to Melanie, Tami, Jessica, and Athena for joining our slumber party!


Go to our Podcash YouTube channel to see videos of the games we played today:


This episode is brought to you by Dawn Kim, Melanie Elkins, and Tami Gargantiel for $20. Another special thanks to these lovely ladies.